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Get online training to start or grow your own medical billing service, and at home too!
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How to Start a Medical Billing Service


We created www.medicalbillingservicepro.com to help assist those who are trying to create a professional Medical Billing Service but are unsure of where to begin.

    As a medical consulting company we have worked with hundreds of medical providers, and consulted over 25 medical billing services which have given us great insight to running a successful medical billing service based on what doctors want. We want to take this information and share our knowledge with you in hopes that you will

create a competitive medical billing service which will benefit doctors in the medical industry.


Our first step will be to direct you on the proper steps to create a legitimate business. While you are working through the process of selecting your business name, registering your business, branding a logo and creating a business plan we will offer suggestions on inexpensive ways to begin marketing your medical billing service and products. Another important step will be to teach you how to properly present a demonstration of your business service(s) and products to medical doctors.


One of the most vital pieces to a Medical Billing Service is the selection of Practice Management and Clearinghouse software’s. We at www.medicalbillingservicepro.com do not promote any single Practice Management or Clearinghouse Software. We will teach you how to identify what your needs are and then direct you towards server, or web-based billing software products to select from. The emphasis is identifying how you need your software to function for your medical billing service.


Now that you have chosen your Practice Management and Clearinghouse softwares we can identify the costs for running your medical billing business. We will break down the costs to run a billing service from either a commercial office, or a work at home pricing structure. Knowing your break even costs on a per client basis will help you identify how much you will need to charge for your medical billing services without losing money.


Many medical billing services begin to lose providers because they either have too few employees, no knowledge how to use the Practice Management & Clearinghouse Software or they do not know how to bill and collect medical claims. Because all of this is important to running a successful billing service we will offer training courses on performing medical billing steps which include:


  • * patient eligibility
  • * claim coding
  • * clearinghouse edits
  • * claim status verification
  • * accurate payment posting
  • * statement submission
  • * soft collection calls and collection letters
  • * how to identify aging issues early
  • * reporting needs for you and your doctors
  • * refunding
  • * end of month
  • * Balancing Accounts Receivables
  • * Understanding Technology impact on the medical industry
  • * How to make money operating a medical billing service

    Let us show you how to run a successful medical billing service!

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